1962 – Government of India approves the Swedish Red Cross Leprosy Project

1963 – Rehabilitation Industries – A Light Engineering factory established at Katpadi

1969 – Rehabilitation Trust registered.

1973 – Technical Training Centre set up at Katpadi.

        – Production cum Training Centre set up at Tiruchirapalli.  

1974 – Mrs. Indira Gandhi, Former Prime Minister, inaugurates the Training cum  

       -  Production Centre at Paranur, Chingleput.

1976 – Organization renamed WORTH Trust
        - Transitional School for polio affected children opened at Katpadi.        

1982 – Technical Training Centers established at Tiruchirapalli and Pondicherry, approved by NCVT.

1983 – Pondicherry Production Centre started

1986 – Rotary WORTH Electronics Training Unit founded at Madras

1987 – WORTH Plastics established at Katpadi

1988 – Outreach Programme started with Katpadi as base.

1989 – WORTH celebrates Silver Jubilee

1993 – Mobility Aids Development Unit set up.

1995 – Rehabilitation Training Resource Centre (RETREC) established at Katpadi
         – Development work on new campus for Tiruchirapalli Unit commences.

1995 – MOU with Perkins School of Blind, USA / assembly of Perkins Braillers

1999 – Computer training started by association with Rotary Madras at Katpadi and Pondicherry.

1999 – Transitional School (Special School) for Speech and Hearing Impaired children starts at Katapdi

2003 – Investment starts for technology changes from conventional machine to Computer Numerically Controlled (CNC) machines
2004 – Collaborating with Vidhya Vrikshah, Chennai for focused work on development of assistive devices for the Visually Impaired

2005 – DDRC at Tirupattur, Vellore handed over to Worth Trust

2005 – Collaborating with CIR (Centre for International Rehabilitation, Chicago) for manufacture of Whirlwind Wheelchair

2006 – Cooperation with Rotary Chennai for running the Training Centre at  K.K.Nagar,Chennai

2007 - Day Activity Centers for multiple disabilities started at Katpadi

2007 - Government of Tamilnadu asked Worth Trust to run Resource Centre at Chennai

2008 – Collaborating with Benetech, USA and Bookshare for digitization and uploading of books for print disabled Worldwide.

2009 - MOU with Motivation, U.K. for manufacture of Wheel chair adaptation.

2012 - Received National Award for the Best Institution for the employment of persons with disabilities  – 2012, from the Hon’ble President of India.

2013 - Received Sri Vijay Merchant Memorial Award for the Best Employer of the disabled 2013 from National Society for Equal Opportunities for the Handicapped, India.

2014 -  WORTH celebrates Golden Jubilee.

​2015 – Expansion of Trichy Operations.

2016 – Expansion of Pondicherry Operations.
2017 - Introduction of Blow Moulding Technology at WORTH Plastics.

2018 - Expansion of WORTH Industries Gandhinagar Unit.

2018 - Received 19th NCPEDP Mindtree Helen Keller Awards 2018 for outstanding service to the Differently-Abled persons.

​2020 - Tamil Nadu State Award for the Best Organisation Employing maximum number of Differently-Abled.