• To enable differently-abled persons use their latent potential to develop to a meaningful and productive level.
  • Provide systematic vocational or on-the-job training to youth with different abilities to facilitate employment and growth.
  • to educate and prepare children with speech and hearing impairment for mainstream integration.
  • To produce and market quality mobility and assistive devices for people with disabilities at affordable price.
  • To spread the message of integration of differently-abled persons through the Outreach programme and assist through counseling, medical assistance and appropriate intervention.
  • As vendors, to supply goods on time at the agreed price and quality standards.

The uniqueness of Worth Trust is:

  • It trains and rehabilitates differently-abled persons.
  • It provides employment to differently-abled persons.
  • It manufactures products for differently-abled persons.
  • It is a fully self-sustaining organisation